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Spells To Change The Past Email In London Usa Ireland Netherlands Norway

Spells To Change The Past Email In London Usa Ireland Netherlands Norway

Spells To Change The Past In London Usa Ireland Netherlands Norway Germany Australia Canada Europe Asia Africa. This has been our top secret in changing the past within the shortest time frame, No side effects and nothing will affect your present life than the things you requested to be changed in the past to infect your present life. Did you wish to get the best result or degree from your school in the past and couldn't get it? Did you desire for something in the past and you couldn't? What ever you wish has be lost in the past we can make it happen in the present and get it done for you within 24-48hrs. 

Contact: Dr Ukusa WhatsApp +1(970)344-9988  Email

21 COMMENTS FOR "Spells To Change The Past Email In London Usa Ireland Netherlands Norway"


I always wish I could turn the hands of time to get all what I desire in my university days, becoming the best was always my goal and to get the best degree certificate. I came across Dr Ukusa on Google while searching for a spell caster who can change the past, luckily Dr Ukusa contact came up and I contacted him, he promise me not to worry that he will do it for me, not up to 3 days he perform the service I requested for, I got an email from the University that I attended 8yrs back asking me to return my old certificate that there was a mistake, I should come over to take the new issued certificate with my appropriate degree higher grade, I went and it was exactly as I requested from Dr Ukusa to change it for me. Thanks a lot and God bless you Sir.

Dineo Mpilo

Spell to change the past by real spell home Dr Isu works for me. I ask to changed my bad record on the government website to give me good record and credit score, it was done within 24hours I got my results. My traffic, bad credit score, divorce record, criminal, court cases online record was restored and wipe off. So amazing living a new life again with no bad record on my name. Thank you so much Dr Isu Ukusa.


Yes it’s true Real Spell Home 🏠 offers the best and genuine service when it comes to spell casting online. I purchase a binding love spell from them and it works.


Thanks so much Real Spell Home for the service you give. Am so much grateful for bringing back my ex within the short period of 4hrs, Dave called asking to come back together after casting my spell.


It pains me for the time and money I wasted with other fake spell caster who promise result and nothing happens. Your powers is beyond imagination with the group of spiritualist that handed my issue when I contacted, thanks to Dr Ukusa and Dr zamuda you are so wonderful. I received the result I wanted.


Dr Ukusa shows me that there is still real spell caster on the internet, I so much enjoy the truthfulness of your service and calm result. Henry called me immediately seeking for my hand in marriage after the marriage binding spell I ordered from Real Spell home. Am so grateful 🙏

Pandora Jakes

I got the victory at last over my long court case with my ex husband trying to take all what belongs to me after our divorce. I ordered the win court case spell and i won the long outstanding case in my favor. God bless every member of the home. You are the best spellcaster team.


I haven’t had any spell cast before. I do see lot of of people complaining about online spell casters, My first try with Real Spell Home proved positive with instant result. I highly recommend their service 💯

Bella donna

It’s so true to find a kind hearted real Spell this days but am overwhelmed Dr Ukusa for bringing I and my ex husband back. You make me believe that real Spell caster do exist on earth.


Is a done deal at last. My death spell work. Thanks so much Real Spell home


So I broke up with my boyfriend like 3 months ago. We dated for about a year and I started losing interest and I hated everything he did I don’t know why. So I broke up with him and we stayed friends for a while and then he got a girlfriend. That girl has been getting on my nerves for a year and a half and I guess she was just waiting for us to break up so she could hit him up. I got jelous and me and my ex had a fight and we haven’t spoke since then. My contact with Real Spell Home helped us resolve our relationship issues and bring us back together.

Maria Frank

Getting back my husband after separation was very difficult for me because he was went to settle down with another woman, I had two children for him already. I have tried to make contacts with him to come back home yet he refuse, each time I look at his kids I become more sad and I needed him at my side to raise the children together. Thank you 🙏 dr Ukusa and all the team members of Real Spell Home for given me the opportunity to get my husband back from the other woman 👩. My kids are the happiest kids on earth since the very first day their dad came back home saying how much he miss them.


I found out my ex of 3 years is dating someone, It hurts so much. He broke it off 4months ago and was saying the whole “lets stay friends for now and maybe down the road”. I stopped all contact with him a month ago, and I find out his new toy went to Texas with him for spring break, and now they are dating. I thought this fling was just a fwb and he just wanted to give us space apart (we were each others first loves). I was thinking what will make this pain go away so I can stop thinking about him. I make contact with dr Isu here just to know if I still have a chance down the road getting him back? Or should I forget about him. Dr Isu did some consultation and told me yes I can still have him back from this new toy gf cause she use a black magic on him. Am so glad after the rituals was done by dr Isu my ex came back and breakup with his gf begging me for marriage. He confess how he miss me for the past few months.


I just wanna say thanks Dr Ukusa for bringing back my husband from the other woman


I feel relieved now that my husband is back, after spending a lot of money with other casters and no result, Dr Ukusa helped me bring back my husband from the other woman just 2 days.


I feel relieved seeing a lot of reviews about Real Spell Home Dr Ukusa and I contacted him through WhatsApp call for help, Dr Ukusa prove to me that his Spells are real and genuine. Just within 2 days I got back my husband, also this wicked woman faces a serious revenge from Dr Ukusa spell too. Am so grateful for giving Dr Ukusa a chance to work for me as he promised, Real Spell Home is truly a genuine place to get results

Wick Nathan

My marriage is saved with your powerful spell papa Ukusa. My wife came back after 3 days of your service asking and begging to stop the divorce. I never believe this will work but with all your promises and assurance I do have a little hope and trust to go for it. Now am supper excited for bringing back my wife.


My life was in a total mess due to the mistake I made 12yrs ago. I needed something magick to help me change the past, rewind time. Dr Ukusa did it for me and everything was perfectly fixed up, now am enjoying the life I use to dream of.


Wao so amazing working with you Dr Ukusa, my Christmas celebration will be my dream comes to reality. Milani came back to me after your reunite spell and he proposed with a ring. He took me to see his parents and we are planning for marriage December. Thanks a lot for given me the joy I have been waiting for baba Ukusa

Rose Namaj

I have contacted a lot of spell caster online but none of them could give me the result after making so much payment. My ex husband mistress cast a black magic spell on me, my life has be so miserable nothing is working for me. I feel pains all over my body. Dr Ukusa Isu was only the solution to my problems. He cast a cleansing spell to remove the black magic after receiving the cleansing soap which I took a shower for 3 days. Now all the pains and bad luck is over. God bless you baba Ukusa Am so much grateful.

Mitchelle Andres

Strong And Powerful Love Spell To Win Your Ex Back. contact Dr.Ukusa, Whatsapp +1(970)344-9988. I have decided that I am going to spend the whole day on the internet just to make sure that a lot of people are able to read my testimony about Dr.Ukusa who is a powerful spell caster from Africa, After being abandoned by my lover I was so lonely that every day that I decided to go through the net for some relationships tips, I never knew that this was the road map that will secure the return of my lover. After reading a lot of tips on how to restore my relationship in a better way I discovered that Dr.Ukusa has a lot of recommendations than other spell casters, So with this I had my mind made up that Dr.Ukusa was the right person for the job, And I contacted Dr.Ukusa through his details which I saw on the internet and i was so happy that I chose to work with Dr.Ukusa because his work was 100% perfect and the spell brought my lover back to me with fast relief you can also contact him for help now



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